Education In Malaysia

International Schools in Malaysia can be found in almost all cities in Malaysia. Many of them are located in places like Langkawi, Cameron Islands, Brinchang, Melaka, Sarawak and others. Most of these international high schools are situated in either Penang Kuala Lumpur, or Selangor since they are the most prominent centers for higher education in all levels from elementary to upper-secondary. So if you’re looking for international high schools, don’t only look at the locations because they’re heavy populated with foreign schools too. Price Tiers.

The rates for international students per se are not that high in Malaysia. In fact, the rates are relatively lower than in the whole world. But the qualifications are not the same. For starters, in Malaysia, the educational qualifications attained at the primary levels are different from those attained at the secondary levels. There are no secondary national education standards in Malaysia and the result is that only some of the nations top students at the primary levels.

If you’re looking for an excellent international school in Malaysia then the best way to start is by looking at the curriculum. The national curriculum does not have any British education included in it. The subject codes are also different. The subject codes range from humanities and social sciences to commerce and industry. The British education ministry did not include the subject of commerce and industry in their national curriculum. international school malaysia

The second thing to look for in international schools is whether they provide instruction in English or not. In countries like Malaysia, the local language is used throughout the schools including in the secondary and even tertiary levels. The British language is not taught. International schools in Malaysia should be able to provide instruction in English or in a language that is widely spoken in Malaysia. Some of the countries like Singapore and Hong Kong have separate instruction policies with respect to the teaching of English.

The third criteria is the governance of the school. International schools in Malaysia can be found everywhere but you will have more trouble finding one with good governance and adequate teaching staff if it is not a non-profit body. A school which is supported by NPOs (Non-profit Public Organisation) may be able to provide more specialized instruction and higher quality of education as compared to a mainstream school. Non-profit governed schools are generally more expensive and therefore they cater only to the upper strata of society.

Getting an international school in Malaysia is no more a difficult task than it was in the past. You can get access to information and tuition rates from the internet. You can also compare the various offers being made by different organizations. Whatever be the choice, you can be assured that you will enjoy a quality education.

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